Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - 4oD - Channel 4

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - 4oD - Channel 4
Listen up, sports fans! This is fantastic! The British Channel 4 TV series "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day"--about the project to build a recreation of a Roman-style house in Wroxeter, England--can be watched online for free. The entire series. Ok, I haven't watched it yet because I have to grade these stupid quizzes this afternoon...but then as a reward to myself...woo hoo! Stay tuned to the blog for some other links on this project.-
UPDATE (2/17/11 3:43pm): Bah. The episodes are only available for 30 days after their original air date, so we can't watch the 1st one any more. Must put off grading quizzes and watch TV!

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