Friday, August 24, 2012

NY Times article on Evolution of I-E languages
This article reports on another article (in "Science") about a study on the origins of Indo-European languages. Using "evolutionary linguistics" to determine the rate at which language changes and spreads, the study concludes that Indo-European origins must be placed in Anatolia (southern/central Turkey) between 9500 and 8000 years ago. (Or 8000-9500. As a classicist, I think backwards.) This is a purely computer-modeled conclusion. It is not based on archaeology or culture. The rival theory is really different: 4000 years ago, from southern Russia. A nice slice of the nasty back-and-forth argument between the rival camps is illustrated in the article.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hotel + Dig Site

A Turkish architect has drawn up a plan to incorporate the archaeological site at Antakya underneath a new hotel. The dig area would be visible through the floor of the lobby. Kind of creative.