Thursday, December 15, 2011

Robot cameras to go back into Great Pyramid
Plans are still in the works (meaning: SCA in Egypt has to approve paperwork) to send a remote controlled camera into the "secret passages" inside the Great Pyramid. Stay tuned.
The article has a nice history of the previous attempts to get into the tunnels. Very cool.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Atlatl Anyone?
More from the hands-on historic reconstruction/reenactment files: The atlatl is a prehistoric hunting weapon, like throwing an arrow without a bow--I think. Students at Univ. of Kentucky have formed a club that practices with these things. People seem to like it. They performed at a fair where attendees could also practice flintknapping, hot-rock cooking, and other Stone Age fun.

Restoring the Colosseum: building contractors or restorers?
Companies experienced in restoring antiquities are complaining that regular ol' construction companies have been hired to do work on the Colosseum. The restorers are worried that 1) they won't have work and 2) the construction guys won't know what they're doing. Also--mirabile dictu!--it turns out the work on the Colosseum will take longer than expected. Duh.