Friday, August 4, 2017

Some Art References in Kehinde Wiley Show at OKC Museum of Art

Rubens, Philip II on Horseback

Van Dyck, Equestrian Portrait of Charles I 

David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps

Rigaud, Louis XIV (also with Van Dyck portrait of Charles I) 

Van Dyck, Charles I at the Hunt

Titian, Venus of Urbino (with references to other reclining nudes)

A whole lineup of (very small images of) Memling portraits 

Ingres, Odalisque with Slave 

Ingres, La Grande Odalisque 

Re: Girls in long white dresses: Whistler, Symphony in White No. 1 (!)

GQ article (2013) on Wiley's search for models in North Africa 

OKCMOA page, including video of artist's lecture at museum 

Monday, May 8, 2017

10 things NOT to do in Rome

This post is full of annoying ads, but it's actually a pretty good list of things not to do when in Rome. They're mostly things that will make you stick out as a tourist, plus a few things that'll get you in trouble.10 Things Not to Do In Rome

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monica Crowley Plagiarized Parts of her Dissertation
Here's a story, complete with highlighted passages (similar to the reports on my students' papers), that shows how the person nominated by the Trump transition team to be the communications director for the NSC, wrote a Columbia University Ph.D. disssertation that contains numerous passages that meet the definition of plagiarism used by the University itself. See the end of the article for highlighted passages, with their sources. This is a good thing to look at to show students exactly what we mean by "cite all sources" and "put things in your own words," as opposed to just changing a word here and there. We await further news from Columbia.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The future of democracies in the world
Harvard government lecturer Yascha Mounck studies the stability of democracies in the world today and concludes that it doesn't look good--contrary to conventional wisdom that says once a country goes democratic it's unlikely to go back. He talks about Venezuela, Poland, the EU generally.