Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Damnatio memoriae in Tripoli

In Tripoli's museum of antiquity only Gaddafi is lost in revolution World news The Guardian
From Sunday, 9/11/11: the director of the museum in Tripoli reports that only Gaddafi's 1960s vintage VW Beetle and his Jeep were damaged when rebels came through the museum, looking for a secret passage into Gaddafi's headquarters.
Museum staff say they had moved a lot of the most precious classical pottery and sculpture out of the museum in the past few months, in preparation for the final chaos when Tripoli fell, so that stuff is safe in an undisclosed location (we hope). They also say that during his reign, Gaddafi forced the museum to take a lot of his crap into prime locations in its galleries, and they are happy to see it suffer damnatio memoriae.

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