Saturday, August 20, 2011

BBC News - Roman dead baby 'brothel' mystery deepens

BBC News - Roman dead baby 'brothel' mystery deepens
A Roman villa in Britain, excavated 100 years ago, held the remains of over 100 infants. When these bones recently were rediscovered in storage, the current curator of the local museum theorized that the "villa" was in fact a brothel, and that the women working there disposed of their unwanted children. Skeptics point out that the villa is way out in the middle of nowhere, not prime country for walk-in brothel business. One guy suggests the place was a sort of sanctuary for some mother goddess, which doubled as a lying-in hospital, where ladies went to give birth under the goddess' protection. The bones would then be children who were stillborn or died at birth. But wouldn't the middle of nowhere also be a bad location for a maternity hospital?
Note that this "mystery" will be featured on a new BBC 2 TV show called "Digging for Britain." Link to the show's website at end of article.

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