Monday, July 18, 2011

Caligula Statue Unveiled in Italy : Discovery News

Caligula Statue Unveiled in Italy : Discovery News
More smugglers!! These, too, got caught. They were smuggling a big hunk of marble out of Italy, and, once again, our heroes, Alert Cops, took notice. Where'd you get that big rock, they asked. Nemi, said the smugglers. Let's go look at Nemi for more pieces: check it out! Big hunk of marble seems to have been an over-life-sized statue of Emperor Gaius Caesar, wearing the booties (caligae) that gave him his more commonly-known nickname. OK, admittedly, the "colossal statue" now consists only of a leg, with boot, and a togate lap, sitting on a nicely carved throne with fringed stone pillow. Very regal, uh, imperial, though.
Click on the link in the article to see video (no audio) of the hunk being unloaded from a truck, cleaned off, and put on display in the museum in Nemi where Bootsie's wonderful Party Boats USED TO BE displayed, until Certain People (that means you, Hitler!) burned them. (The article recaps that sad episode at the end.)

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